May. 1st, 2008

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In my attempts to try to explain the Lyceum to people I feel like I've just made a mess of things. People aren't getting it, quite possibly because I'm not explaining it well. But the worst part is that I feel like people don't _want_ to get it to some degree. I feel like they're reflexively assuming this is some sort of attempt to supplant the EKU when it's nothing of the sort. I've thought about deleting my posts on the SCA LJ Community, I've thought about just freezing them, and I've thought about leaving the community entirely.

And I've also thought about trying to fight the good fight and continue trying to fight what I perceive to be misapprehensions.

What really saddens me? I point out that someone (I have no idea who) started talking up my posting to the Maunche list, and people are more concerned with the fact that I know about this despite being a non-Maunche, and that someone told me about it, than they are with the fact that someone didn't even have the basic courtesy to say "Hey, would you mind if I brought up the Lyceum on the Maunche list to see how people there feel?" Would it have killed someone to do this?


I still think the Lyceum is worth pursuing. I think some people get it. I think more people _could_ get it. I think there's a real chance I'm explaining it badly. I think there's a real chance that some people just won't get it until they have a chance to experience it.

I...I just don't know anymore. But I think it deserves a chance to be tried, and I'll do what I can to give it that chance. Why? Because if it succeeds in what it's trying to do, it could be totally worth it.

As to the SCA Community I said, I'm tired of playing Sole Defender, but if there are people who genuinely like to hear what I have to say, maybe it's worth it in the end, right?

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