May. 4th, 2020

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Added for reference - if you'd like to comment in my journal you're more than welcome to do so, but please enter a Subject if at all possible. This will greatly increase the odds of my responding to your comment and makes email sorting-out on my side much easier. Thank you for the consideration!

Just so folks know, most of my entries are at least friends only. Additionally, there's two significant custom friends groups here, both of which are opt-in-

1) SCA- if you want gory details of my SCA life (including the potential for rants) you'll want to join this one. If you don't really want to hear what I might have to say about the Society, I recommend not signing up.

2) The "Inner Circle"- most of my entries delve _significantly_ into my personal life, quite possibly more than you'd be comfortable. This one's intended for the "real" friends rather than the casual readers. If you're still figuring out how well you might want to know me, I suggest not signing up. I'd rather have you never join this one than join in only to pull back out (because that hurts a little bit when it happens). If you join this one, you're kind of "expected" to speak up once in a while, especially if you seem to have a significant LJ presence of your own. I.e. "active readership" is encouraged but not necessarily required.

If you want to be a part of these, you can comment here or contact me elsewhere. Same goes for opting-out, and if you feel that way I apologize in advance.

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