Feb. 14th, 2007

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...my office is closing its doors at noon today. The weather wasn't actually horrifying on the way in, but it's expected to snow all day _and_ get worse. I was thinking about leaving early in any case, at least before it got dark.

Hope everyone who's weathering the weather's okay.

Oh, and happy V Day.

EDIT- I ran out of work to do around 11:15 so Tom said I could head out earlier. Got home safe, though there was a huge plow-deposited snow-bank blocking the end of my road which my car almost didn't get through. I was considering walking to my apartment and then going back down to shovel it away.
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A few minutes ago I thought I'd brave the weather long enough to walk down to the river, about 10 mins. away or less under ideal conditions.

Between the 4 degrees, the pounding snow, and the brisky wind, I made it to the top of the street, couldn't even keep my eyes looking into the wind enough to see down to the bottom of the hill, and gave up.

Mother Nature's bitchy today.

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