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Anyone local free the nights of either the 12th or 13th and wanting to do dinner at an awesome place in Bristol?

Wednesday and Thursday September 12 and 13
Fall Sneak Preview
Our seasonal menu change. Come see what Doug has created for the new menu and sample all the wonderful fall offerings. All entrees and specials during Sneak Preview are only $18 and include our house salad. Specials for Sneak Preview are merely combinations of menu items- which allows you to try two different entrees. Reservations are a must for this quarterly tasting event.
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Madeleine L'Engle passed away today.

I read the above title and two sequels. I didn't know there was a third, and now I feel tempted to read them all.

I suggest reading the article. I was surprised by some of the background information about her. Not sure we would have gotten on well at all, but her books were quite good if memory serves.
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...are online, in the usual location.
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What a great case of people failing to recognize their subject matter for what it is-
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Hawk- needless to say, I don't know how you can handle moderating or involving yourself in stuff. it would drive me to beat on things until they broke
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If you want to call me, call me. And don't ever tell me you'll do so in advance, even with a generalized timeframe. Leave it as a surprise unless there's some pressing reason not to (and then tell me what that reason is).

Because I've just had too much of people telling me they'd call and then dropping the ball...or the phone...or whatever. And apologizing.

Actually, I'm tired of apologies altogether. If you're sorry, DO something about it, don't just give me the whole, tired 'I'm so sorry...' routine. It', so meaningless at this point.

It can't possibly be a good thing that it surprises me more when my friends come through for me than when they don't.
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Jesus, why does everyone who finds a partner immediately forget what it's like to be single and involuntarily celibate?

If and when in the future I tell you that you're giving me TMI, assume I'm being serious. Don't fucking "LOL" at me or something.
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I've got to say, as hokey as DDR is on many levels, actually going through it does seem like a workout.

Just worked my way through the first lesson. Going to play with it some more while dinner's cooking.


Jul. 29th, 2007 10:14 am
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So, I'm kind of thinking about doing this...kind of.

Anyone I know going? More importantly, sort roomspace?

I haven't been to a furry con in more than 2 years now. Lord knows whether I'll ever attend one again if this is a bad experience.


Jul. 15th, 2007 06:16 pm
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Me, Agitated and Frustrated- "One day I'll actually hit on the right guy in the right way to the right degree I suppose...probably just in time for the apocalypse."

"Hey, you're pretty hot. You sound smart too."
"Thanks. Wanna go back to my place and have a stimulating conversation followed by mind-blowing sex?"
"That sounds dreamy."


Visual Aids

Jul. 8th, 2007 01:35 pm
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Check it out. And don't ask how long it took to get the updates done.
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I'm home and brain-dead and quite possibly crashing soon.

Mirabel- plans on Sunday, maybe?
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Here's what I actually did this week-

Fri - Andrew Arrives
- Southend

Sat - Tower Bridge
- Londonfurs
- Parliament

Sun - Hampton court palace (buy tickets)

Mon - Londun Dungeons
- London Eye (3:30 PM Conf code)
- St James Park
- Buckingham palace
- Wicked (7:30 PM)

- Monument
Tue - Earls court for Stonehenge and Bath (8:50AM - E-TICKET)
- Canary Wharf
- St Pauls
- Swiss Tower
- Bank

Wed - Tower of London
- Camden Town
- Kings X
- Spamalot (8PM)

Thurs - Colchester
- Hadleigh Castle

Fri - Andew Leaves
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Woke up heinously early to get my luggage, which aside from taking a heinous amount of time was done without incident. More details may follow.

Saw London! Actually spent most of the day there! I have pics!

All is well.
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Well, I'm in England and at Rob's house, so yay.

I apparently came perilously close to being turned away at the border. Go me? Details TBA.

My bag apparently did not follow me to England, and while they can deliver it to us within a day, getting it delivered could screw with our travel plans. So, we're working out getting the bag delivered in a convenient manner.

After having taken a shower and gotten some food and liquid into me, I'm feeling almost-human. Exhausted, but almost-human.
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My flight from Burlington to Newark has been cancelled apparently due to t-storms. My flight from Newark to England apparently has _not_ been cancelled (yet anyway). I may be able to get on a 1:30 flight out of Burlington, but I'd be on Standby so it's not that likely. Either way I have to get to the airport ASAP.

If you have urgent reason to contact me, call 802-734-8340. DO NOT E-MAIL ME FOR URGENT CONTACT.
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If you want to communicate reliably with me, please contact me before Thursday. I should have phone access through most of Thursday, but I can't guarantee I'll have the ability or desire to chat at that point.

Also, predictably, I won't be able to check voicemail for a week or so, but if you call my new # (let me know if you need it) I will get your message delivered to me via e-mail.

Hope everyone has a good week or so. I will strongly attempt to make at least one 'all-clear' post once I've reached my destination safely.
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Also, morbidly funny-

I must have gone to this place 2 or 3 times in summer camp. Apparently I was vaguely lucky to have gotten out alive.
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